Simplex or Duplex? But 2 Simplex make a Duplex?

I once read in a brochure of a printer the words: dual-sided manual!

In this wording, which may seem a bit fraudulent, there is a great truth: a card can be printed first on one side and then put back in the loading drawer and printed on the back. Of course if you have to print 5,000 cards in front with all different graphics this may not be the ideal solution.

Here, in these first lines we have already given the fundamental indications to understand when to use a printer with the automatic back front or as it says in jargon: with the flip over!

Are they clear to you? They are summarised below:

- Number of cards to be printed

- How quickly they must be printed

- Type of graphics and/or presence of variable data

Is that clearer now? Let’s take a few examples!

If I have to print 500 cards with front and back printing with the graphics all the same which printer should I use?

In this case you can use both types, but if you have budget and time problems you can also use a single side printer. (click here to see our single side models)

But if for each card the graphics on the front and on the back are different is definitely advisable a dual-side printer (automatic duplex) -(click here to see our dual side models) with the version of the printing software that allows you to connect to a database, such as cardPresso XS, this greatly reduces the chances of making mistakes and significantly saves time.

But if instead I have to print 10,000 cards with the same graphics but the time of realization is fundamental what do I have to use? You mean a two-way printer?

Wrong! The fastest and most efficient solution is to choose 2 professional printers with high production loading and unloading drawers (click here to see some models) so that while a printer personalizes one side the other prints the second side.

So in fact not only do we need to look at the individual points listed, but they also need to be cross-referenced.

Does this seem like a complicated exercise?

Don’t worry, contact us and we will support you in the right choice!