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Tyvek wristband 19 mm Tyvek wristband 19 mm

Pack of 100 Tyvek 19 mm - wide event wristbands

The event wristband is the idea product to ID and manage your events participants; campings, festivals, swimming pools, concerts and sports competitions visitors...

Easy to wear on the wrist, those event bracelets are available in many colours to differentiate attendees.

Wristband Silicone Wristband Silicone

Pack of 100 Silicone wristbands

Available in stock in 8 different colors, either with and adult size or a child size, the silicone wristbands are a modern identification feature and are appreciated by youngsters.

Child size: 12 x 180 mm
Adult size: 12 x 202 mm

Light-up Wristband Light-up Wristband

Sound triggered LED lighting wristband