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KC-Range KC-Range
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Evolis KC-RANGE, Self-service kiosk printers

The KC-RANGE high autonomy printers for the instant issue of customized plastic cards, have three series: KC Essential, KC Prime, KC Max.

The evolis KC Prime offers the possibility of integration with 200 card load tray while the KC Max is the printer optimized by Evolis to accommodate 4 of 100 card load drawers.

Instant card printing via self-service terminals increases the quality of the services offered to customers, members or students by:

  • An immediate service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A reduced wait
  • The ability to personalize your card with a design of your choice
  • You can choose how to insert, eject and reject cards

ArtisJet Proud Printer front ArtisJet Proud Printer front
  • New

Digital LED UV ID card printer

Print cards up to large sizes, customized and color, from edge to edge in a single step for your every need and application.

Designed for the exhibition / event sector and beyond, print your card in multiple formats and on multiple materials with a reduced printing cost thanks to the use of an ecological color or monochrome ink.

Ideal for the emission of:

  • ID Badge
  • ID Student
  • Fidelity card
  • Membership cards
  • Event pass...
Evolis YMCKOO with double protective overlay
  • New

Ribbon 6 color panels YMCKOO with double protection overlay

Evolis Primacy2 Evolis Primacy2
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Evolis Primacy 2, new high-tech feature-rich printer for today's and tomorrow's needs!

Primacy 2 is a high-end printer with low cost, easy to use, flexible and very fast. In fact, it prints up to 280 cards per hour only single side and 170 cards per hour in dual side color mode. It can also upgraded in the field with magnetic stripe, contact chip and RFID encoding modules and with the activation key of the flip over module to make it dual side.

Primacy 2 is the ideal solution for the emission of:

  • ID cards
  • Badges for employees
  • Access control cards
  • Smart card (chip cards, contactless...)
  • University cards

Duplipass printer for Green Pass Duplipass printer for Green Pass
  • New

Green Pass? Print it out with Evolis' Duplipass solution!

Duplipass is the All-in-one solution for printer the Green Pass on badges via bluetooth and badge printer!

What the package contains:

  • A card printer
  • Bluetooth mobile device
  • Monochrome Black printing ribbon
  • White cards
  • Optional: personalised cards with your business logo

HID Fargo INK1000
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Inkjet printer HID® FARGO® INK1000

The HID® FARGO® INK1000 is the latest printer innovation to join HID Global’s family of desktop-based card printers. Bringing the simplicity and affordability of inkjet printing to personalized cards and IDs, the HID® FARGO® INK1000 is unmatched in its ease-of-use and offers a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) than most card printers in the industry.

Ideal for:

  • Employee/faculty or K-12 student badging—with or without contactless door entry
  • Cashless vending
  • Time and attendance
  • Gift and loyalty stored value cards that utilize barcodes / QR codes
  • QR code-based financial cards
Hologram Laminate film for SMART 70

Hologram patch type laminate film, 1mil (25mic), standard, 250 cards/roll

IDP Laminate Film for SMART 70

Clear patch type laminate film, 1mil (25mic), standard, 500 cards/roll

Resin black overlay ribbon 653197

Resin black and overlay ribbon with cleaning roller, 1.500 cards/roll

Scratch off ribbon for SMART 70

Scratch-off mono ribbon with the disposable cleaning roller, 3.000 cards/roll

IDP Red ribbon for SMART 70

Resin red ribbon with the disposable cleaning roller, 3.000 cards/roll

IDP Blue ribbon for SMART 70

Resin blue ribbon with the disposable cleaning roller, 3.000 cards/roll