HID Fargo DTC1500

  • HID Fargo DTC1500
  • HID Fargo DTC1500 Dual Side

HID Fargo DTC1500

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HID Fargo DTC1500, color printer with ribbons highly secure

The HID Fargo DTC1500 printer prints full-color, even technological color cards with high-capacity ribbon, low printing costs and superior data protection systems printed on ribbon.

DTC1500 is ideal for:

  • ID card
  • Smart card
  • Retail
  • University card


  • The most innovative printer for data protection on ribbon

    The HID Fargo DTC1500 printer offers the convenience and low cost of consumables combined with a complex set of innovative features. The DTC1500 has a data protection function with cancellation of the same on the tape used hiding all the information printed with a resin panel making the printing panel illegible.

    The protection of a standard password and AES 256 data encryption provides greater peace of mind.

    The custom Watermark feature on the overlay allows you to apply a customized security image such as a logo, symbol or text, built to be integrated as a permanent watermark in the overlay panel of the printed card, making it potentially impossible to duplicate de card.

    In addition to security, the DTC1500 offert innovative printing features such as black panel management. The management of the black panel allows a real "K-panel" print to be obtained when desired, allowing operators to manually set and adjust the black panel when it is used based on color concentration. This results in a blacker and sharper text and barcode.

    Also built with the built-in flip over can be enabled the ability to print two-sided with the simple use of an RFID tag that makes the upgrade possible after the purchase without effort.

    Thanks to its modular and scalable design, lamination modules or optional encodes can be added at any time.


    Data sheet

    Card thickness
    0,76 mm
    Operating system
    Printing technology
    Full color
    Auto print
    Dual side
    Cards printed by year
    15.000 to 20.000
    Print speed
    6 seconds per card (K)
    16 seconds per card (YMCKO)
    24 seconds per card (YMCKOK)
    Card feeder capacity
    100 card (0,76 mm - 30 mil)
    Card output capacity
    100 card (0,76 mm - 30 mil)
    Print resolution
    300 dpi
    3 years on printer and print head
    Server 2003, 2008 & 2012
    Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) / 8 (32 & 64 bit) / 8.1 (32 & 64 bit) / 10 (32 & 64 bit)
    Software included
    cardPresso XXS for the design and printing of badges


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