Asure ID 7 Solo is the perfect entry-level software for card personalization.
Intuitive and easy to use, the software has useful features to improve the management and entry of identification badges with photos.
Thanks to an intuitive user interface similar in appearance to the Microsoft® ribbon, full color badges can be created in minutes



  • Simple and intuitive interface: an improved user experience simplifies the design of identification cards with photos and data entry.
  • One program for all printers:Asure ID works with multiple types of printers. With this software, unlike other programs, you will have constant support over time thanks to the Genuine HID®, program, which will allow you to make investments in total safety.
  • Automatic update: the software will always be updated thanks to automatic notifications of software updates has never been passed, this available only with Asure ID.


Ideal for:

  • Big companies
  • National identification programs
  • Government / Army
  • State and local governments
  • Health
  • Education
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Asure ID 7 changes the paradigm of how and identity card personalization software is viewed and its performance. The user interface is based on the latest version of Microsoft® Office or on the Windows® ribbon, including window-based navigation with the most used tools and page controls outside the toolbar. The user interface of Asure ID 7 offers a significant increase in speed for designin cards and inserting data into it.
Everything you need to design and insert data into the card is right in front of you and routing activities, such as acquiring or uploading a photo or adding a digitized signature, can be done with a couple of mouse clicks.
Is is also possible to automatically improve a photo of the records during the photo acquisition process.
A data entry center with configurable on-screen layouts allows users to set up an efficient data entry sequence regardless of how the data is displayed on a card or structured in a database.


For many users, the internal database included in Asure ID 7 is all they need to store the models and data to be included in the cards.
With Live Link you can also enter data on the card from an external database such as HR, security or ERP systems. In addition, Live Link allows administrators to link photos directly from a folder locally.
The Live Link wizard allows you to set the rules for real-time data exchanges with a few mouse clicks.
At the time of printing, Live Link accesses the external database and provides the data to be entered in the fields inside each card.


HID Global software engineers collaborated with usability experts to provide Asure ID 7 with a highly productive interface.

  • Window navigation separates functions such as card design and data entry in ever-present clickable windows.
  • The toolbar highlights frequently used items (such as data fields, barcodes and photos) in logical groups always at hand.
  • Control palettes outside the toolbar simplify the workspace by hidign the attributes of the model until you need to access it.
  • The WYSIWYG display helps ensure accurate card design by showing exactly how a card will be printed, including data.
  • Properties dialogs for the active model put object attributes (suc as color or position) in floating windows.
  • The laser configuration module allows a simplified set-up and maintenance of laser engraved objects.