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RFID 13.56 MHZ Mifare Desfire 2K EV2 cards RFID 13.56 MHZ Mifare Desfire 2K EV2 cards


MIFARE desfire EV1 chips offer 3DES, DES and AES encryption - for maximum data security against data manipulation and theft. Chip cards allow up to 28 different applications stored with 32 files per application. With the MIFARE desfire EV1 chip you can achieve data transfer speeds of 848 kbit/s.

An automatic tear-resistant mechanism also guarantees the highest possible data integrity of the transactions carried out. EV1 chips have a unique 7-digit serial number and are available with 2K, 4K and 8K EEPROM memory and accelerated programming. The EV1 2K MIFARE desfire board complies with ISO 14443 A 1-4.

125 KHz Read Only RFID Cards

125 KHz Read Only RFID Cards

The 125 KHZ READ ONLY EM4100 RFID cards have an excellent quality / price ratio. Each EM4100 card has a unique serial number.

They are an excellent solution for access control and for presence control which do not include a very high degree of security.

Le carte RFID EM4100 sono compatibili sia con le EM4200 che con le tk4100.

13.56 MHz Mifare 1K RFID Card

13.56 MHz Mifare 1K RFID Cards

Mifare® papers are widely considered the market leaders of ISO14443A technology. Mifare® 1K are used in RFID security applications, inside they contain 1KByte of EEPROM divided into 16 sectors.

The Mifare® 1K proximity cards are excellent for: E-tickets, payments, hotel keys, access control and attendance control systems.

Mifare® cards are used in particular in transport, hotels, public administrations and access to events. They are widely used for their security, in fact they have two keys (A and B) that protect their access and writing and for their flexibility.

125 KHz T5577 RFID Cards

125 KHz RFID card T5577 Read and Write

The 125 KHz Read & Write RFID cards have an Atmel read and write processor.

They are an excellent solution for hotel keys, attendance control and access control. Their peculiarity is that the unique serial number can be changed at will (very useful to replace existing systems with magnetic strip or barcode).

13.56 MHz ICODE card

13.56 MHz ICODE® Cards

The ICODE® RFID cards comply with ISO 15693 which ensures long distance operation with read and write capability. The ICODE® are excellent for access control, events, fairs (mass access) ...

The maximum reading and writing distance is 1.5 m and can vary according to the type of passage / antenna through which they are used.

SLE5542 Contact Cards

SLE5542 Contact Chip Cards

SLE552 cards are the type of chip cards most used in the sector, especially with regard to security. Also widely used in hotels and prepaid systems. The chip is original INFINEON.

They are free memory cards so with the exception of some memory areas they can be read without protection. Their writing is protected by a 3 byte PIN which after three incorrect access attempts burns the PIN memory.

SLE5542 memory cards are perfectly compliant with ISO / IEC 7816.