Add Pick IT UP® to your laundry services!

Laundries are increasingly smart and to differentiate themselves from the competition they need to provide more services such as the pickup and automatic delivery of items to be cleaned.
With our Pick IT UP® solution integrating the deposit and pickup service is very easy.

Advantages of the laundry solution

  • Significantly increase the customer offering a service close to the customer and not at their own business

  • Reduce the cost of renting the store no longer having to be in a central and visible place

  • Simplify pickup and delivery operations and reduce customer waiting

  • Increase availability times for pickup

  • Increase presence and visibility in the territory in the case of lockers outside the point of sale

Advantages of the solution for you

  • Differentiate themselves from the competition

  • Sell UP with an innovative solution

  • Higher earnings

A versatile solution

The Pick IT UP® is totally modular in order to adapt to the spaces and need of every situation. You can choose between different combinations, both for the number of columns and for the number and size of the individual boxes.

How it work

The operation is simple and intuitive, can be integrated with an existing management solution or work with its own software.
Pick IT UP® can be used both to store and pickup items to clean. An example of software flow is: the customer has pre-registered on the laundry application, when he arrives at the locker he identifies himself and chooses the the service tu use, store or pickup.
If deposited click on the appropriate function and based on the number of boxes available and the amount of items to deposit makes the deposit. The laundry receives a notification that the customer has delivered items, goes to the locker and pickup the clothes.
When the items are available for pickup, the customer receives a notification with the amount for payment that can be made directly on the POS in the locker.

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