Smart Hotel: An innovative solution for your customer's satisfaction!

Smart Locker Pick It UP is the ideal solution to raise the level of hospitality to the customer, optimizing costs with a fast, simple and automated service, which frees staff from secondary tasks and frees the space of the structure from luggage.


The main objectives that you wanto to achieve thanks to our solution are:

  • Provide an additional quality service for your customers

  • Reducing contact between staff and customers

  • Differentiation from competition

  • Reducing operating costs

  • Free storage spaces

  • Check-in 24/24H

A versatile solution

The Smart Locker Pick It UP is fully adjustable in order to adapt to the spaces and needs of every situation. You can choose between different sizes, both for the number of columns and for the number and size of individual boxes. The solution consists of a master columns and other columns with boxes to store luggage.

The solution is upgradable by adding other boxes, of different sizes and also other applications such as device charging.

How it works

The operations is simple and intuitive: each user is associated with a "key", a personal code that allows him to open only the lockers associated with him. By entering this password at the terminal, the user can deliver his luggage and documents or collect the material stored by the staff of the facility. From the control platform you can monitor the status of all lockers, with the ability to set alerts in case the contents of the locker is not picked up or returned within a certain period of time. The lockers can be placed in the same space or in different places, even in different cities, allowing for example the simultaneous management of the lockers of several structures at the same time. All are connected to the central server that allows you to control them remotely, make changes and assign different levels of authorization.

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