COWORKING: more efficiency and less costs!

It literally means working together and in practice it is a new way of understanding work based on the sharing not only of physical spaces but also of ideas, comparing and sharing.
Workspaces are collaborative and challenging environments but require a new office formula with greater flexibility. The concept of fixed workstation disappears to be replaced by shared workstations. But why give up the convenience of having a place where you can leave your items for the next day or even for lunch or a business appointment? Thanks to Pick It UP is no longer a problem!


The main objectives that we want to achieve thanks to our solution are:

  • Reconciling the need of companies to create shared spaces and employees to be able to preserve their objects

  • Have a safe place to store notebooks, smartphones or other devices and keep them in charge

  • Do not make shared workplaces impersonal and anonymous

A versatile solution

Pick It UP smart locker solution is fully modular, so you can create your own composition to meet any need: receive parcels, store items, recharge devices but also refrigerated locker for shopping or heated for lunch.

How it works

The use cases of Pick It UP are multiple and adapt to the needs of customers. You can choose what to enable for opening doors: QR Code, sms or company badge.
An example of a Pick It UP use case is to preload employee records and assign each one a pin code to access the boxes. The user uses his own pin code to deposit object and then to collect them. In case of rented work spaces at the time of booking you can request the use of Pick It UP and the administrator will send via sms the pin code to access the smart locker.
Lockers can all be located in the same place or in different places if you have multiple branches, even in different cities. All can are connected to the central server which allows you to remotely control the status and make changes and give permissions with different levels of access if necessary.

Download the White Paper in PDF format