PIRELLI chooses Pick It UP® for its Bike Sharing project "CYCL-E AROUND™"

In late January 2021 Pirelli launched its CYCL-e around­™ program. It allows guests in accommodation facilities and business employees to gain access to a e-bike fleet, available both for their movements in the city and day trips.

This innovative, green idea from Pirelli, contributing to a more sustainable and accessible urban mobility system.

The service offered by Pirelli provides a dedicated space-equipped with our Pick It UP® Smart Locker - to manage pick-up and drop-off operations of accessories such as helmets, racks and recharge plugs.

Business and Hotels can book their bikes through a digital platform, from which one can choose between different plans.


The main goal that you want to achieve thanks to our solution is:

  • Manage pick-up and drop-off operations of the necessary equipment to use bikes, such as helmets and locks.

The Project

CYCL-e around™ is a mobility service that offers a more comfortable and sustainable lifestyle to move within and outside the city boundaries, for leisure trips or for work.
The program addresses the more environmentally aware companies that want to offer a sustainable alternative to their employees for work commuting and day trips.

Pirelli provides a e-bike fleet - including the Nomades and the Stajvelo Montagel - and the Pick It UP® Smart Locker, in order to store personal belongings and pick up the helmet and lock.

How It Works

Companies gain access to the services by booking it in the dedicated digital platform, with three different renting options. The CYCL-e around™ mobile app, lets you discover new bike-friendly routes and live the outdoor experience.
From the dedicated website, the user can rent the bike and pick their "kit" up from the Smart Locker (it will be eventually dropped off after use in another box).

After sending the request, the user receives the location of the items to withdraw and a pincode.

Software Integration: Pick It UP® and APIs

The great flexibility fo the Pick It UP® software allowed a seamless integration with the APIs provided from the CYCL-e around™ platform.

This was a crucial factor for them to choose our solution: the "dialogue" between the two platforms is in a language that grants the security and the perfect alignment of information.

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