Printers for plastic cards

The best choose of card printers available on the market: Dai Nippon, Evolis, HID Global, Fargo,  Magicard, Zebra, IDP, Entrust Datacard, 

Printers for plastic cards

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IDP SMART 81 Printer
  • New

IDP SMART 81, New generation card printer

SMART 81 offers the fastest output rate in the industry and safety standard compliant output.

It's the perfect choice for demanding applications that require deep dark colors with edge-to-edge (full bleed) graphics on blank or technology papers.

SMART 81 is the ideal solution for customers who require more functionality and high security:

  • Employee badges
  • Identification cards
  • Membership cards
  • Technology cards
  • Access control badges
  • Government cards

Ribbon Shredder - IDP SMART BIT Ribbon Shredder - IDP SMART BIT

IDP SMART BIT, Shredding Ribbons with Security Guarantees

Protecting personal information is paramount and SMART BIT shredder is specially designed to ensure the secure destruction of used ID Card Printer Ribbon with personal information.

SMART BIT is the ideal solution for:

  • Medium and large companies
  • Governmental organizations
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Security offices

IDP SMART 70 Printer IDP SMART 70 Printer

IDP SMART 70, High speed printing ideal for Kiosk

The SMART 70 Series is ideal for users with large card capacity needs or for end users who want to securely protect thei credentials inside the locked printer. The SMART 70 series offera a unique modular design that can be easily updated by the end user.

The configurations vary from printing only in front of a fully configured system with front/back printing, lamination and 500 card output hopper.

SMART 70 is the ideal solution for the issue of:

  • Employee badges
  • ID cards
  • Membership cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Access control badge
  • Technology cards

IDP SMART 51 Printer IDP SMART 51 Printer

IDP SMART 51, Print identification cards in high quality

SMART 51 represents the new generation of professional printer for printing ID cards.

The SMART 51 inherits the elements that have made the SMART 50 range of printers successful for its reliability.

The SMART 51 evolution guarantees an even greater experience in issuing cards.

SMART 51 is the ideal solution for the emission of:

  • Employee badges
  • Identification card
  • Membership card
  • Loyalty card
  • Access control badge
  • Government card


IDP SMART 31, Print ID cards at no extra cost

SMART 31 is a range of card printers perfect for anyone looking for printer with excellent value for money.

The rewritable SMART 31R printer is the ideal solution for printing temporary information on identification cards.

SMART 31 is the ideal solution for the issue of:

  • Employee ID card
  • Student ID
  • Payment card
  • Health card
  • Leisure resort pass card
  • Identification card
  • Transport pass card
  • Loyalty card / Event card


IDP SMART 21, Card printer for small organizations!

SMART 21 is a simple hand-fed dekstop ID card printer with compact lightweight design. It is a great choice for isntant card issuance of entry-level low-volume demands. A more work-friendly easy to use ID card printing solution with crystal clear printing quality.

SMART 21 is the ideal solution for the issue of:

  • ID cards
  • Rewritable cards
  • Cards with magnetic stripe