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Evolis Agilia, new compact and high performance retransfer printer

Agilia the first Evolis retransfer printer made and designed in France. The retransfer technology guarantees the highest printin quality with different types of cards. The retransfer film adapts perfectly to the card, which allows you to customize cards of different materials with a perfect aesthetic finish. If we add the print resolution of 600 dpi and the color adjustment through the color profile function the result it of the highest quality.

Agilia is the ideal solution for the emission of:

  • Identification cards
  • Employee badges
  • Card for access control
  • Technology cards with contact chip and RFID

  • Evolis Agilia, optimal security for all cards

    Agilia offers numerous possibilities for graphic and electrical customization to make your cards even more secure. Your choice: micro-text, anti-counterfeiting marking, coding, UV ink, high-definition QR code, etc...

    Do you need a higher level of security?

    Agilia is compatible with the lamination module to apply laminated films such as paints or patches, neutral or holograms.


    - Exceptional print quality

    - High security and durability of cards

    - Efficient printing and card management

    - Large selection of cards

    - Lamination module for even safer and stronger cards

    - Intuitive use

    - Strength and reliability

    - Optimized design


    Evolis High Trust® consumables ensure optimal print quality and durability of your printer. Thanks to the wide selection of cards, tapes and cleaning kits, you will surely find what’s right for you.


    Data sheet

    Card thickness
    0,76 mm
    Operating system
    Printing technology
    Perfect printing of the edges
    Auto print
    Dual side
    Cards printed by year
    Up to 20.000
    Print speed
    Double-sided (YMCKK): 100 cards/hour
    Single-sided (YCMK): 150 cards/hour
    Card feeder capacity
    200 cards (0,76 mm - 30 mil)
    Card output capacity
    100 cards (0,76 mm - 30 mil)
    Reject hopper capacity
    10 cards (0,76 mm - 30 mil)
    Print resolution
    600 dpi
    Print quality optimization via color profile
    3 years for the printer, lifetime for the print head
    Installable options
    Encoding modules available: Contactless smart card encoders
    Encoding modules available: Contact smart card encoders
    Encoding modules available: Dual smart card encoder (contact/contactless)
    Encoding modules available: ISO 7811 magnetic strip encoder
    On site: Encoding modules
    On site: Encoding modules
    On site: Laminazione module standard single o double-sided
    Print mode
    In series
    Mac OS
    Erasure of sensitive data from the printer memory
    Module for locking access to blank cards, ribbon and film (optional)
    Socket for Kensington® security lock
    Transparent RT Film: 1200 prints / roll
    YMCK-K RT Color ribbon: 600 prints / roll
    YMCK RT Color ribbon: 600 prints / roll


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