List of products by brand Evolis

Evolis RT5F102E100
  • New

YMCK-K RT Color Ribbon - 600 prints

Evolis RT4F101E100 Evolis RT4F101E100
  • New

YMCK RT Color Ribbon - 600 prints

Evolis RTCL100NAAA Evolis RTCL100NAAA
  • New

Transparent RT ribbon - 1200 prints

Evolis Agilia front Evolis Agilia front
  • New

Evolis Agilia, new compact and high performance retransfer printer

Agilia the first Evolis retransfer printer made and designed in France. The retransfer technology guarantees the highest printin quality with different types of cards. The retransfer film adapts perfectly to the card, which allows you to customize cards of different materials with a perfect aesthetic finish. If we add the print resolution of 600 dpi and the color adjustment through the color profile function the result it of the highest quality.

Agilia is the ideal solution for the emission of:

  • Identification cards
  • Employee badges
  • Card for access control
  • Technology cards with contact chip and RFID

Evolis LPA049NAA

Alternate Clear Patch 1.0 mil Full/Mag cut - 600 prints

Evolis LPA048NAA

Alternate Clear patch 1.0 mil Smart cut/mag cut - 600 prints

Evolis LPA047NAA

Alternate Clear Patch 1.0 mil Smart cut/full - 600 prints

Evolis LPS029NAA

Generic holo patch 1.0 mil - 600 prints

Evolis LPS030NAA

Generic smart cut patch 1.0 mil - 600 prints

Evolis LPS028NAA

Generic patch 1.0 mil - 600 prints

Evolis LPS033NAA

Generic holo patch 0.6 mil - 600 prints

Evolis LPS034NAA

Clear smart cut patch 0.5 mil - 600 prints