RS8001 Thermal Imaging Camera

  • RS8001-E1 thermal imaging camera
  • Turnstiles with RS8001
  • RS8001 Side thermal imager
RS8001-E1 thermal imaging camera

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RS8001-E1 - Terminal for temperature detection

Temperature measurement system optimized by the combination of detection and facial recognition to reduce the costs of:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Public entities
  • Amusement parks


Device for facial recognition and intelligent temperature detection

The solution uses infrared thermographic technology: it allows to detect the temperature, with non-inductive method, exploiting the infrared radiation emitted by any body with a temperature higher than 0 absolute. At the same time, the device performs facial recognition and comparison of the persons detected. At the anomalous temperature detection an alert is activated, which allows the operator in charge for the surveillance to intervene.

The device features a vertical display screen for temperature measurement and an integrated high-precision infrared temperature detection probe. The value of the temperature of the person can be seen next to the face of the person.

the main feature of this device is facial recognition, one of the most used technologies in the field of artificial vision. In fact, the detection takes place with an initial facial recognition: the device determines whether there is a face in the database in the image in order to obtain preliminary information related to it, such as the position and size of the face. So it extracts the features of the face and matches them to a large number of facial samples in the database. For some higher security requirements it is also necessary to determine whether the target face in the image is really the user through real-time detection technology. In order to improve the speed of recognition and the quality of the images displayed, a preliminary processing is necessary to provide the device with a database to draw on.

Technical Features:

  • It is equipped with an intelligent epidemic management system that allows it to connect perfectly with the host machine system and synchronize the recorded temperature information.
  • Support for in-depth analysis of epidemic fever rules
  • Diplay of data on the trend of the epidemic
  • Diagnosis and testing with isolation of severe units
  • Effective monitoring for strategic prevention

The product is not a medical device and does not replace in any way other certified temperature measuring medical devices.


Data sheet

8" Capacitive Touch Screen
L 135 mm x P 20 mm x A 300 mm
Accuracy Measurement
Greater than 0 absolute
± 0.3°C
Distance Measurement
0.2 - 2 m
Sensor type
Wigan RS232
Usage environment
4G network card
Focal length: 0 - 2 M
Opening: 4 mm
RGB and Infrared Sensors
White Balance: Automatic
Multi-Target functionality
Alarm function
Measurement time
In real time
Degree of protection


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