ERM-PJ160B Professional Thermal Imaging Camera

  • ERM-PJ106B Professional Thermal Imaging Camera
  • ERM-PJ106B Professional Thermal Imaging Camera with Tripod
ERM-PJ106B Professional Thermal Imaging Camera

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ERM-PJ160B - Professional Thermal Imaging Camera

Professional thermal camera with blackbody, MULTITARGET functionality, TCP / IP interface. 1 alarm level settable with automatic snapshot. Integrated with Windows 10 software to connect up to 40 thermal cameras simultaneously. It measures the temperature of up to 30 people on the move, returning the result of both the video and the thermal image.

ERM-PJ160B is the ideal solution for:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Railway Stations
  • Metro Stations
  • Companies
  • Building with offices
  • Community

Tax deduction -60%

Mono sensor terminal for quick temperature scanning

The PJ160B terminal for rapid temperature scanning is an infrared device for scanning and measuring temperature. It has a high degree of precision ± 0.3 ° C, the possibility of simultaneous detection of multiple subjects, rapidity of measurement, acoustic alarm, intelligent video analysis and temperature measurement technology without direct contact. In addition, the device, having many advantages such as the rapid detection of large flows of people, the real-time adjustment of the blackbody, the artificial intelligence (AI), an uninterrupted 24-hour test to which it is subjected, a rapid installation, it is particularly suitable for scenarios characterized by a large flow of people such as hospitals, schools, airports, railway stations, subway stations, companies, buildings with offices and communities.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, people must wear masks and their body temperature must be measured. The traditional way of measuring the temperature as with the use of the mercury thermometer in the current situation has become unthinkable. In fact, in addition to its slow measurement, it does not avoid direct contact which increases the risk of contagion with the coronavirus. The PJ160B terminal allows you to solve the problems presented by traditional measurement methods very well, being characterized by high precision, high quality images, a compact, light weight structure, a long test and an effective control software.

The product is not a medical device and does not replace in any way other certified temperature measuring medical devices.


Data sheet

Less than or equal to 850 g
Power supply
DC 12V
L 236 mm x D 130 mm x H 80 mm
Accuracy Measurement

± 0.3°C
Distance Measurement
0.5 cm - 4 m
Sensor type
Melexis Belgio
Usage environment
Working temperature
-30°C ~ +60°C
Infrared resolution
160 x 120 pixel
Infrared sensitivity
Less than 50 mk
Control ports
Video output
Input / Output alarm
Always closed / Always open
Energy consumption
Less than 3W
Installation interfaces
Connection for standard tripod with M3 screw
Multi-Target functionality
Acquisition frequency
Alarm function
Measurement time
40 ms


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