ERM-MJ390B Hi-Tech Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Bi-Spectrum Infrared Camera ERM-MJI390B
  • ERM-MJI390B Hi-Tech Thermal Imaging Camera
Bi-Spectrum Infrared Camera ERM-MJI390B

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ERM-MJ390B - Hi-Tech outdoor thermal imaging camera

Hi-tech thermal camera with outdoor blackbody with IP65, MULTITARGET functionality, TCP / IP interface. 3 alarm levels settable with automatic snapshot. Integrated with Windows 10 software to connect up to 40 thermal cameras simultaneously. It measures the temperature of up to 30 people on the move, returning the result of both the video and the thermal image.

ERM-MJ390B is the ideal solution for:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Railway Stations
  • Metro Stations
  • Companies
  • Building with offices
  • Community

Tax deduction -60%

Bi-Spectrum infrared camera

The Bi-Spectrum ERM-MJ390B thermal imaging camera allows you to detect body temperature on a large number of people simultaneously, quickly and without physical contact. It is a high-tech product that integrates several advanced technologies, including optoelectronics, Bi-Spectrum and facial recognition. These technologies allow an accurate temperature measurement, which can reach an accuracy of ± 0.3 ° C ~ ± 0.2 ° C, with precise detection and with minimal deviation. Furthermore, thanks to facial recognition, they are able to distinguish and discriminate the heat source. Therefore, the presence of a hot drink does not affect the temperature measurement. Its life cycle exceeds 40,000 hours.

In the period of time in which the measured subject crosses the field of action of the infrared lenses, the device immediately shows the thermal image of the human body and its maximum temperature. The operator can obtain very accurate data from his control post without having to come into contact with the measured person, with 24-hour monitoring. If you meet a person with suspected fever, the device immediately emits an alarm which allows you to avoid contagion between the person and the operator.

The temperature detection is carried out at a distance of 3 to 5 meters from the device. Therefore, operators can quickly control the temperature of people remotely, establish the level of fever and implement the necessary preventive interventions and possible isolation.

The product is not a medical device and does not replace in any way other certified temperature measuring medical devices.


Data sheet

Power supply
DC 12V
L 118 mm x D 116 mm x H 61 mm
Accuracy Measurement
± 0.1 °C with external black body
± 0.2 / 0.3 °C
Distance Measurement
0.5 cm - 10 m
Sensor type
Melexis Belgio
Usage environment
TCP/IP Outdoor IP65
Working temperature
-25°C ~+60°C
Infrared resolution
384 x 288 pixel
Infrared sensitivity
Less than 50 mk
Control ports
Video output
SMA radio frequency interference
Input / Output alarm
Energy consumption
Less than 30W
Installation interfaces
Standard M3 screw connection for tripods
Standard configuration
Host, Black body, cable, Warranty card, certificates, carrying bag
Multi-Target functionality
It detects the temperature on 30 people simultaneously
Acquisition frequency
It detects the temperature on moving people
Alarm function
3 adjustable alarm levels. Automatic snapshot
Measurement time
40 ms


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