ERM-DF108 Thermal Imaging Camera

  • ERM-DF108 Thermal Imaging Camera
  • ERM-DF108 Thermal Imaging Camera with Access Control
ERM-DF108 Thermal Imaging Camera

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ERM-DF108 - Terminal with temperature detector

Terminal for indoor access control with temperature measurement and facial recognition, integrated with 1 release relay and TCP / IP interface.

ERM-DF108 is the ideal solution for:

  • Companies
  • Public counters
  • Libraries
  • Shops

Tax deduction -60%

  • Access control terminal with temperature measurement

    With a clearly visible 8 ”screen, it is ideal for companies, public counters, libraries, shops.

    Device configuration is easily done via Ethernet.

    • An alarm temperature is set (e.g. 37.5 °C)
    • The user approaches the device and measures the temperature: if it is higher than the threshold temperature, it generates an alarm and does not allow the turnstile or door to open (it has 1 relay); the person must contact an operator for further checks
    • Ability to download an anonymous report of the measured temperatures
    • Suitable for indoor installation only
    • You can select the voice in Italian
    • Can be fixed directly on the turnstile or on a column (optional)

    Where to install the terminal?
    The terminal must be installed indoors, away from heat sources and strong jets of air. Do not install the device in direct sunlight, be careful especially in the case of large windows, shop windows. Also take care to avoid sources of artificial light in the immediate vicinity of the sensor.

    Can i install the terminal behind a glass or other protective device?
    No, there must be no element between the user and the device. Otherwise the terminal may not work and / or the results may be distorted.

    Is the device usable immediately after turning it on?
    It is recommended to wait at least 30 minutes before using it and compare the first reading with a calibrated thermometer.

    If the user enters from a very hot / cold environment or has carried out physical activity before the detection?
    Wait a few minutes before standing in front of the device.

    The product is not a medical device and does not replace in any way other certified temperature measuring medical devices.


    Data sheet

    8" Capacitive Touch Screen
    Power supply
    DC 12V / 3A
    L 361.3 mm x D 123.5 mm x H 84 mm
    Operating system
    Accuracy Measurement
    ± 0.3°C
    Distance Measurement
    0.50 - 1 m
    Sensor type
    Germany HEIMANN
    Usage environment
    Working temperature
    0°C ~ + 50°C
    Facial detection distance
    0.5 - 2 m
    Alarm output
    Wiegand: 1 set output WG26-34
    2 MegaPixel, 1920 x 1080
    Binocular with real-time detection support
    Multi-Target functionality
    Not present
    Acquisition frequency
    Not present
    Alarm function
    Measurement time
    Less than 300 ms


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