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cardPresso XXL, All the software functions available to create your cards

cardPresso XXL is the version with all available functions of the card design and printing software developed by the Portoguese company cardpresso LTDA and translated into 11 different languages.

The XXL version, in addition to the XL version functions, adds advanced functions the encoding of the Mifare DESFire cards and the NET license which can be used up to a maximum of 16 PCs in the same subnet.

Main features cardPresso XXL:

  • All the functions of the XL version
  • Web print server
  • Mifare DESFire card encoding
  • Net license for up to 16 computers
  • cardPresso - Simple, intuitive and complete solution for creating and printing cards

    The cardPresso software is an easy-to-use solution for the professional production of identification cards, designed to have the best performance with large databases with or without photos, including supports for connection to .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt files.

    cardPresso, sviluppato dalla società portoghese cardpresso LTDA è tradotto in 11 differenti lingue e supporta unicode fin dall'inizio.

    Intuitive Software

    cardPresso is designed to simplify card production thanks to the integrated customization and graphic design tools. Magnetic, traditional and contactless encoding chip are available. The intuitive interface allows anyone to use the software without any training.

    Advanced Features

    cardPresso offers 5 versions in 18 languages and is compatible with large databases, including MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle; native support for XLS, XLSX, CSV and TXT format files is also included. Continuous improvements guarantee an application equipped with the latest card technologies. Some small version updates are available for free.

    Full Support

    All versions of cardPresso have been tested with encoders and printers, thus ensuring perfect compatibility between hardware and software equipment.

    cardPresso XXL

    Data sheet

    Acquisition of DirectShow images
    Acquisition of WIA & TWAIN images
    Barcode 1D
    Barcode 2D
    Customization of the features through Script
    Fingerprint capture (Windows only)
    Integrated image editor
    QR Code
    Signature acquisition
    User permission management
    Variable fields (print date, print count...)
    User interface
    Database view
    Edit text and images within the design
    Encoding view
    Graphics with multiple layouts
    Production mode
    Batch printing
    Dual side printing
    Management of the print spooler
    Overlay / UV / F panel management
    Print via Ethernet
    Web print server
    Connection to external database
    Connection to local MS Access & SQLite databases with photo field
    Internal database
    ODBC connection to an external database
    OLE objects & photos in database records
    Store advanced in records
    Contact smart card
    Internal and external support for RFID encoding
    Magnetic stripe
    Mifare CLASSIC & Ultralight
    Mifare DESFire
    RFID contactless
    Other features
    Free software update
    Net license up to a maximum of 16 PCs in the same subnet
    Password protection documents
    Remote upgrade of the version


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